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About Us

Headshot 2Philippe G. Brunot

Philippe G. Brunot is an independent filmmaker born on the island of Madagascar. Of French origins, Philippe was raised in Madagascar and the U.S., before receiving his BA from San Francisco State University with a Cinema Studies degree. He currently focuses on documentary filmmaking.

Kenya and Tanzania, then Thailand and Vietnam, Philippe set out to discover exotic worlds and cultures. He notably documented a discreet centuries-old profession, that of the gem seeker. After a feature film produced and directed on the subject, Philippe became passionate about these men and women of courage and exceptional character that we most often encounter in such nations on the rise.

Lately, Philippe documented the art of painting with gemstones: Gem Painting

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Interview: by Eunsun  Cho – World Policy Journal

Interview: by Leslie Jordan Clary – The Jewellery Editor

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Jared M. Feldschreiber

Jared Feldschreiber is a writer and journalist whose writings and articles often concern foreign policy but remains passionate about the importance of press freedom, largely in nascent democracies. He continues to cover various film festivals, as a roving journalist, and has written numerous cinema and theater analyses, understanding the deep tenets of their historiographies.

Jared’s eclectic works have been published in Huff Post, Kyiv Post, Jerusalem Post, Russia Beyond the Headlines, and elsewhere. He continues to interview dissidents, filmmakers, poets, and journalists, oft-times in regimented societies.

Reckless Abandon, his debut novella, concerns an up-and-coming playwright and producer who learns of the toils of assembling a “dream project” set in the summer of 1984 in New York City. For his latest film project, he is in early stages of a documentary (or perhaps narrative) that chronicles bohemian writers.

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