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Jared Feldschreiber

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Jared Feldschreiber is a journalist whose writings and articles often concern foreign policy, but remains passionate about the importance of press freedom, largely in nascent democracies. He has written numerous cinema and theatre analyses as well, understanding the deep tenets of the historiography of both genres. Based in Warsaw, he continues to cover numerous film festivals worldwide and is an accredited reporter with Central European Affairs magazine — the flagship publication for Civitas Intézet. He also writes columns for International Policy Digest and The Times of Israel.

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Reckless Abandon. depicts an up-and-coming playwright who deals with the toils of assembling a “dream project” involving Bob Dylan, Woody Allen, and Dustin Hoffman, and is set in the summer of 1984. 

Reckless Abandon has been received glowingly by critics and readers alike. The novella has also been featured in stories within the pages of Bob Dylan ISIS magazine, Vague Visages, Empty Mirror BooksAt the Barrier, and British Jewish News.

The Expanded Edition of Reckless Abandonpublished in May 2022, features a new Foreword by Getty Images’ Katy Winn, and a new Afterword by Jared. Weeks before this release, Jared wrote this promo article that highlighted the various inspirations within the writing process, and some of its themes.  In June 2022, Reckless Abandon was positively reviewed by Narcy Calamatta, a revered Maltese actor and director, in the U.K. journal, Whitstable Views.

The Expanded Edition of Reckless Abandon is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats. 

“Jared Feldschreiber delivers clean prose with succinct phrasing, along with moving passages about the protagonist’s search for creative clarity.”              
– Q.V. Hough, Vague Visages

“Entertaining and tender yarn with detailed focus on faith and art in the 80s.”             
– David Stewart, Arts Fuse

An endearing feature is the extent [the author] has gone to ensure the historical accuracy of each of the contemporaneous events that provide the background of his story… The facts all fit together really well.”

– John Barlass, At the Barrier

“I enjoyed the idealism in Jared  Feldschreiber’s Reckless Abandon. There is no cynicism in [the protagonist’s] quest. He is the apprentice trying to learn from his favourite sorcerers and to find his own creative voice in the process. He is enraptured by their work but has little interest in their celebrity, wealth of private lives. This portrait of a young would-be artist is evocative, concise and elegantly written.” – Geoffrey Macnab, Screen International; author (Ingmar Bergman: The Life and Films of the Last Great European Director)

“At the core of the book’s theme are the mysterious potent drivers of the creative process itself. I enjoyed this book very much.”
– Denise Enck, Empty Mirror Books

“What we have is an intriguing exercise in meta-fiction that allows the author, via the created narrator, a journalist with aspirations to becoming a playwright, to both create works called Reckless Abandon… Characters and artists are boxes within boxes, like Matryoshka dolls, which makes it most amusing.” 
– Andrew Muir, Bob Dylan ISIS magazine Issue #205

“A truly imaginative one-of-a-kind exploration of a young man’s coming of, if not age, self actualization and truth.”
– Joan Cochran, author (The Yiddish Gangster’s Daughter)

“[This is a] must-read full of brilliant dialogues for those who love music, cinema, theatre, and literature itself.”
– Sergio Gandiglio, co-author (Bob Dylan in Italia: Un Fantastico Viaggio in 100 Concerti)

This is an excerpt from Brigit’s Grant’s British Jewish News article concerning Reckless Abandon. The above photo features Irving Mitchell Felt, the legendary builder of Madison Square Garden who is also a ‘tertiary character’ in Jared’s novella, and Bill Bradley — a one-time great with the New York Knicks.

While on-set in San Sebastián during the shooting of Woody Allen’s ‘Rifkin’s Festival,’ Jared had an opportunity giving a paperback of Reckless Abandon to crew members. Featured in this photo with Jared are location manager Luis Botella and production designer Alain Bainee. Alongside Jared and part of Woody Allen’s production team is esteemed artist Justyna Miklasiewicz whose painting ‘Seaglopur’ graces the cover of Reckless Abandon. Justyna was responsible for the overall artistic sensibilities of the book, and her diverse paintings are on display at various exhibitions worldwide.
While covering AFI Docs in D.C. one year, Jared met up with Brazilian filmmakers Ricardo Martensen & Felipe Tomazelli who were debuting their film, ‘Cine São Paulo.’ Jared’s Huff Post review featured poignant insights by the filmmakers, which spoke to the need for cultural preservation in Latin America. The film would go on to win Best Documentary at the Biarritz Film Fest. As a reporter with HuffPost and Thrive Global, Jared also wrote thorough analyses of diverse movies, such as ‘Natasha,’ ‘Moscow Never Sleeps,‘ ‘Sea of Shadows’ and ‘The Front Runner.’
While covering Krakow Film Fest in 2021, Jared spoke with Italian filmmaker Silvia Giulietti. The director featured ‘Fellinopolis,’ a documentary which featured the famed Italian auteur, Federico Fellini.
Outside Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Jared participated in a film retrospective on the great Polish director Andrzej Wajda who would’ve turned 95 on March 6, 2021.
While covering Krakow Film Fest ’21, Jared attended the opening night gala of ‘Hometown’
at Kijów Cinema.
The documentary chronicles photographer Ryszard Horowitz and his childhood friend, filmmaker Roman Polański — both of whom were survivors of Nazi-occupied Poland.
After the screening, Horowitz signed his book for an audience member.

Jared covered Sundance Film Festival ’18 where he spoke briefly with Spike Lee who premiered his documentary, ‘Pass Over.’ Jared was more interested discussing with the famed director his Peabody-Award winning documentaries on Hurricane Katrina, and its aftermath. ‘I’m not doing another one,’ Lee told Jared.


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Jared continues to contribute journalistic pieces from film and theatre festivals, and entertainment market events. Jared thrives on interviewing ambassadors, dissidents, poets, and filmmakers, largely from regimented societies.